Petstages Celebrates 10 Years of Innovation!

Petstages Celebrates 10 Years of Innovation

Promising Innovation

Founded in 2003, Petstages works with veterinarians and animal behaviorists to develop innovative products that address different behavioral and physiological needs
of companion animals of all ages and sizes. Petstages has been the first to introduce new concepts that improve the safety, interest and appropriateness of pet toys.

First to market with solution-based toys:

Delivering Results

Helping pet parents address specific developmental needs, Petstages has developed unique products that have a purpose, enhancing the life of the pet and owner alike. By focusing on solutions, Petstages solves common issues that have not been addressed in the marketplace.

First to market with innovations for cat:

  • First to develop unique cat bowls with room for whiskers
  • First to infuse toys with long lasting catnip oils
  • First to introduce toys for nighttime play
  • First with multi-play cat track
  • First to have toys designed for nail health

Petstages is dedicated to providing continuous innovation in toys and other categories. As clinical trends emerge in the future, Petstages will work with pet experts to develop meaningful products that address the needs of the future.

Providing PRODUCTS WITH PURPOSE is the cornerstone of the Petstages philosophy, now and in the years to come. This year Petstages is introducing our enhanced color pallet and patterns, our expanded clinical and behavioral need categories, as well as our reimagined packaging. Look for future innovations as we continue to grow with you.

Enhanced Pallet

Our fun and whimsical patterns and colors have always had “a purpose” and now they are even better! Incorporating patterns that act as optical illusions and imply movement, we add action to attract a pet’s interest. Our new colors provide greater contrast that is more easily distinguished by cats and dogs. The updated pallet is fashion forward and fresh, while remaining classic and gender neutral.

  • Enhanced contrast and vibrancy
  • Optical movement in patterns
  • Updated, fashion forward colorations

New Petstages Pallet

Expanded Categories

As pioneers in the categories of cat and dog toys, we know it is time to better direct pet parents to products that will truly meet their expectations. Keeping with our proven behavioral categories, we have drilled down to more specific behaviors in each, offering solutions that can pinpoint difficulties faced by pets and pet parents. Our enhanced consumer education will continue to be invaluable to retailers and pet owners alike.

  • Specific solutions for dogs and cats
  • Addressing clinical and behavioral needs
  • Communicates clearly to pet parents

Petstages New Categories

Exceptional Package

Our award winning packaging has just been improved even further. Keeping our standardized footprint approach, Petstages has incorporated our new categories on all of our products. In addition, each product has a benefits violator that calls out an important feature that consumers like. The back of our card offers in-depth consumer information regarding the specific category. Lastly, we have added a QR code to every card that links to videos, photos, testimonials and more!

  • Violators call out key features
  • Clean, easy to read message
  • Enhanced consumer education guides

New Petstages Packaging

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Corrugate Cat Toys from Petstages

Petstages Logo
New Corrugate from Petstages

Petstages is proud to announce its new line of toys that promote nail health. Durable corrugate is combined with sounds, texture and movement that cats love. Designed to be grasped by front and back paws, these toys keep claws clean and strong during play.

  • Can be scratched using both front or back claws to help keep nails healthy
  • Durable construction for tough play
  • Correctly sized to hug, kick and wrestle
  • Five toys for energized play

New Corrugate Cat Toys from Petstages

New Corrugate Cat Toys from Petstages

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DOGWOOD by Petstages

DOGWOOD from Petstages

Finally…A SAFER STICK! Petstages is excited to announce its innovative line of DOGWOOD® chew toys.  These toys combine real wood with durable, synthetic material to create a stronger, safer stick.  They won’t split or splinter and, because DOGWOOD® toys contain real wood, they have a natural smell that dogs love!

The non-toxic Sticks, Pine Cones and Mini Acorn Chain are available in a range of sizes, and are sure to keep a dog’s interest.

  • Materials made in U. S. A
  • Safer than real sticks
  • Natural wood smell that dogs love
  • Great for dogs that love to chew
  • Non-Toxic

DOGWOOD from Petstages

DOGWOOD from Petstages

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Petstages announces…CRUNCHCORE

CRUNCHCORE from PetstagesPetstages CRUNCHCORE Diagram

Petstages proudly announces the launch of CRUNCHCORE™ chew toys. This patented design provides a crunchy layer that surrounds a durable core. For hours of crunchy fun, CRUNCHCORE™ toys are the perfect solution for dogs that love crunching water bottles but become frustrated and lose interest when they collapse after chew.

  • Crunch sound that dogs love
  • Durable inner core keeps shape
  • Great for dogs that love to chew
  • Available in four sizesPetstages CRUNCHCORE
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Thank you, Petco! Petstages is pleased to be recognized as Petco’s Innovation Partner of the Year.

Petstages Products with Purpose

At the 2012 Petco Partner Summit Vendor Awards Ceremony held November 8th in San Diego, Petstages was awarded “Innovation Partner of the Year” by Petco. Petstages will be celebrating its 10th Anniversary in 2013 and strives to bring creative solutions to the marketplace. “Firsts” from Petstages include toys developed for specific stages of life, TPE, mini breed toys, catnip infused, stuffing free, nighttime for cat and, most recently, DOGWOOD Durable Sticks. Petstages is honored to receive this special recognition from Petco and looks forward to continued launches of unique solutions for the pet industry.

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Rules for Good Tug

Rules for Good TugWhen played by the rules, Tug of War can be a fun and natural outlet for energy and provide great exercise for your dog. Use the following guidelines when playing tug with your pet:

  • Never play tug with a dog that shows any aggression
  • Use only one toy for Tug of War and keep it out of reach from your dog unless you are playing with him. This will help to prevent your dog from becoming possessive of the tug toy.
  • The owner must always initiate the game of tug
  • Teach your dog to release the toy on command by using command such as “drop it” or “give”, then give a treat reward to reinforce the release behavior
  • Failing to release the toy stops the game. Do not chase your dog for the toy. Ignore the dog, and do not play tug again until some time has passed, and you can once again initiate a new game of tug.
  • Enforce the rule that your dog or puppy’s mouth must stay on his side of the tug. Any contact between his mouth and your hand should end the game.
  • Do not lift your dog off the ground or dangle him using the tug. This can result in injury.
  • Children who can not enforce these rules should NOT play tug with a dog at any time, and all children should be supervised at all times when playing tug with a dog
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The Trip to Arizona

Greetings, Green Magic Mightie Mouse & Mr. Big Squeak Gator Followers!

We recently returned from a trip to the Ol’ Wild West and we wanted to share –  A few months back, we decided to take a trip out to Arizona.  We went from being pampered at the Scottsdale Hyatt Regency Resort & Spa at Gainey Ranch, to the Grand Canyon for some sightseeing, and off to Sedona for more breathtaking views – and got stuck in a pack of prickly pears! (We wish it were the other way around!)

There are so many places to visit out there, so we’ll skip right to the pictures!

Ahh, beautiful Scottsdale! What a fine day! We met a couple of characters in Old Town
Another Character we met in Old Town We made it to the Hyatt Resort & Spa – Gainey Ranch for some R&R
We were pampered by the pool! There was a beautiful rock display at the Hyatt, we decided to bask in its beauty!
We met a new friend named Fletcher! He loved carrying me around and making me squeak!
He almost kidnapped me, but I told him we had a lot more siteseeing to do! We stopped by the Montezuma Castle Monument on the way to…..
I then chipped my tooth with excitement! 😦
Mightie Mouse and I, dangling our tails off the edge of the rocks. The thrill sure felt intense!! We both fell into a spikey plant. That hurt, but not as much as what happened later in the week…
Later that week, we made a trip up to Sedona, this is some beautiful country!Miss Mightie Mouse and I were balancing atop a Cacti!
Every single of one of those prickly pokes hurt! But guess what,my Squeak Chamber still squeaks!
Our last pit stop in Sedona, near the Pink Jeep Tours.We almost went on one!
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