DOGWOOD by Petstages

DOGWOOD from Petstages

Finally…A SAFER STICK! Petstages is excited to announce its innovative line of DOGWOOD® chew toys.  These toys combine real wood with durable, synthetic material to create a stronger, safer stick.  They won’t split or splinter and, because DOGWOOD® toys contain real wood, they have a natural smell that dogs love!

The non-toxic Sticks, Pine Cones and Mini Acorn Chain are available in a range of sizes, and are sure to keep a dog’s interest.

  • Materials made in U. S. A
  • Safer than real sticks
  • Natural wood smell that dogs love
  • Great for dogs that love to chew
  • Non-Toxic

DOGWOOD from Petstages

DOGWOOD from Petstages


About Petstages

Founded in 2003, Petstages works with veterinarians and animal behaviorists to develop innovative products that address different behavioral and physiological needs of companion animals of all ages and sizes. Petstages has been the first to introduce new concepts that improve the safety, interest and appropriateness of pet toys.
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37 Responses to DOGWOOD by Petstages

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  2. Brian feuer says:

    Are these edible my dog is screwing it down and getting bits and pieces off it and eating it I removed it till I find out if it is ok

  3. Brian feuer says:

    Sorry I meany chewing

    • Petstages says:

      Hi Brian! You were right to keep an eye out on your dog, just in case! The DOGWOOD Sticks are designed to break down over time into small shavings, giving dogs the “reward” and satisfaction of wearing it down, keeping them occupied and focused on chewing. You can let your dog continue to chew on the toy; however, if you start to see larger pieces breaking off, we recommend that you take it away. Thanks for contacting us!

  4. Kim says:

    What size do you recommend for a 25 lb dog?

  5. Robby says:

    my dog loved these sticks but her chewing is very vigorous.I worry about her teeth?

  6. thea1121 says:

    I have been searching the internet to find out what the ingredients are in the Dogwood Stick. I want to be sure it is safe. Where can I find this information?

    • Petstages says:

      Thank you for your question regarding the Petstages Dogwood Stick. While we are unable to share the exact makeup of the Dogwood Sticks, we can tell you that it is a non-toxic compound of several different polymers. The exact “recipe” is proprietary and we are not able to give out that information. While this is not a food item, this item is designed to flake as it is chewed and these flakes are safe if ingested.

      • Jane Anderson says:

        “Propriety” is JenniferSpeak, isn’t it. You know, during the 2007 pet food poisonings, the spokesperson for Natural Balance blithered on and on with a lot of words – but didn’t say anything. Looking up the word “polymer” there are such descriptions for synthetic polymers as rubber, pnenol formaldehyde resin, neoprene, nylon, PVC, polystyrene, polyethylene, silicone, and more. Like Silly Putty and plumbing sealant. So we will assume this is what is in your product unless and until you step up and tell us exactly what is in there.

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  8. pam says:

    I only purchased because it said made in u.s.a. Very misleading because it I’d assembled in China. I avoid China products & I am returning to Pet Goods. Shame on you.

    • Petstages says:

      The materials used in the manufacture of this toy are assembled in the US. They are then sent to China for compression into shape, and the only thing added in this process is the required pressure. We hope this helps and appreciate your interest in Petstages toys.

      • Amy Hunter says:

        If you ever move manufacturing to the US, and not just the materials, I hope I hear about it. I bought one for my dog, thinking it was manufactured in the US, and she loves it. Then I learned otherwise, so I’m throwing it out. China has a long history of not caring if they kill our pets or poison their own people. I won’t eat anything from China either. Nor will I let anything from there touch the food I eat, or anything my dog puts in her mouth. My friends feel the same. Please consider moving the manufacture of this product entirely to the US. Then I’d gladly buy it. But I don’t trust that China isn’t finding it cheaper to substitute the US materials for something toxic, or that the equipment that they use hasn’t been used for something toxic. They simply don’t care.

      • Lily says:

        Agree with the above comments. I really want to buy these sticks, but there are too many products from China that dangerous to households & health (many consumer products also have the California Proposition 65 lead warnings on the Made in China products). If these can be made and assembled in USA, I would buy them.

      • Kelly Kolp says:

        I completely agree with the above comments. I don’t understand why the “compression” has to be done in China. I am extremely disappointed because my dog loved this product. Any company that cares about dogs will not let anything be sent to China for any reason. Also the fact the the ingredients won’t be listed or told to anyone is very alarming. I’ll make sure I warn everyone of this product. Show you care about your product and dogs and stop shipping to China!!!

  9. Cheryl says:

    So why cant you compress these here in the US? I work for a pet store and I do Highly recommend these as my 2 dogs, a Rotty and a Yorkie LOVE them! I also tell them they are made in China because that is what the packaging says… maybe you need to change your packaging reading. I won’t stop buying them, but a better read would be good…….also……don’t you ever have any coupons…..they are so expensive…….I can’t afford all the time what they cost as much as my dogs go thru them………Otherwise a great product!

  10. Karen says:

    My dog has food allergies. Are there any animal proteins or animal flavors added to the Dogwood Sticks? It is important that he does not have any animal flavors added to his chew toys.

  11. Tineke says:

    The above youtube video seems to be set to private?

  12. sally says:

    Hello. Can you please share more information about the wood used in these items? Is it sourced using fresh/natural, unaltered trees, or is sourced from lumber? If it is from lumber, has the lumber been pressure treated? Where was the lumber obtained? I know you appreciate these questions… the pet public has been educated a lot over the last few years! Thanks much! My two furkids are insane for these things.

    • Petstages says:

      Due to the competitive nature of the Pet industry, we are unable to comment on specifics as we must keep a lot of our formulas and processes proprietary. But you can be assured that Petstages uses safe, non-treated, sustainable wood as an additive to a Non-Toxic, BPA and Phthalate free plastic and all material is sourced in U.S.A. Glad your dogs enjoy the products!

  13. Jane Anderson says:

    Just found this: “* The Animal and Veterinary division of the FDA states that all dog foods, treats and “Digestible Toys” MUST include a label of ingredients.” – yet your packaging for this synthetic polymer does not list the ingredients. WHY.

    • Petstages says:

      Hi Jane,
      The Dogwood Stick material is several plastics and wood flour. There is no requirement for us to list the exact ingredients on the label as this is a chew toy and not a treat or food item.

      • Courtland says:

        So is it safe if I just gave it to him and pieces are already coming off ? I bought it I was skeptical gave it to my furbaby and he started chewing bits off it right away it say the toy is not for consumption then why are you say it’s okay on here is my dog going to get sick I just paid $24.99 for a weapon…

  14. Tanya says:

    Thank you Petstages for this product! Our blue heeler / Border Collie cross puppy sometimes drives us crazy with his love for chewing everything he shouldnt eg table legs, cords, pillows etc and so many other “chew toys” are destroyed into small bits within hours and i dont like him chewing wood sticks (due to risk of injury) so your wood sticks have been a massive help as the alternative and keeps him occupied for hours! So thank you very much from happy dog ownersbin New Zealand.

  15. Pam says:

    I bought the petstages dog wood stick for my dog, and love it !he chewing it I worry because I didnt see any small piece of wood stick and half of stick now gone . Which is mean my dog eat it Are the ingredients is safe and digestible? I will keep it away from my dog untill i am sure this is safe and digestible .


  16. Mary says:

    Our dog has a gluten-free diet. Is the dogwoodstick appropriate in this diet?

  17. Laura says:

    Well, I’m not happy. I was under the impression that this was an entirely US made item to find out it is actually pressed together in China of all places. With the history of lead and other toxic items made there, we will not be buying another one. I have 2 dogs….although this item is listed as non-toxic & durable, it does not stand up to my 80+ pound lab. He tore then end off in a matter of minutes….then I read where someone else was concerned about the same problem and you tell them that they were right to remove the item since their dog was ingesting a lot of it. So, now tell me, exactly HOW non-toxic is this product and why won’t you at least list the ingredients to allay the fears of the pet-owners who ask. We don’t care so much about quantities, just that our fur-babies are safe. This product is now completely off our buy list permanently.

  18. Lisa Parkinson says:

    We purchased the medium size Dogwood chew for our French BullDog and she loved it so much she chewed it down within one week.(We had to take it away from her because its gotten too small.) So we went back tonight and purchased the large one. When we got home, I was reading the package and noticed in the small print on the back that it is assembled in China. Very deceptive…..Its in very large print on the front “Made in the USA”. So I started looking online and now see that since it’s a toy, you don’t have to say what’s in the ingredients. I will be returning it. When this product is made and assembled in USA please let me know, but until then, I will not be buying it.

  19. Mrs P M Bridger says:

    I’ve just bought a large Dogwood stick for my 7 month old Aussie puppy, he’s had it at least 7 minutes and already he’s chewed the end off. As it was 15euros and not cheap, I don’t consider this very good value. He likes the stick, but st this rate he’ll have got right through it by this evening.

  20. Bari McLean says:

    I can not buy from a company that refuses to disclose all ingredients. I have been searching for a satisfying dog chew stick for my little Chihuahua who loves the chew satisfaction. Rawhide chew sticks are extremely unsafe. Others are rock hard and if he knows he can’t chew it down eventually, he will not bother. I am from USA but live in the UK and our local pet shop sells your wood chews. There is no reason you can not disclose your entire ingredients list other than your company is either being deceptive or not wanting another company wise to your recipe. Come clean and be honest with consumers. And as lots said on here, bring the entire production back to the USA.

  21. DHearn says:

    Pretty sure Lumber Liquidators had the same response when defending the toxic wood that was “safely” manufactured in China. I’m throwing this away and letting all my friends know why.

  22. aj says:

    what are the ingredients in this? my dog is allergic to almost everything and i want to make sure this will be okay for him.

  23. Monika Lee says:

    I purchased one of your sticks for my little Morkie and she loved it!!! The problem was that small pieces kept coming off the size of where she could get it lodged in her throat….then after she was chewing on it, she vomited up the small pieces!!!! vomited! This is scary…because I don’t think any dog should vomit from any chew stick. It went immediately in the garbage! Not happy! thank goodness I only had her chewing on it for 2 days………………….I can’t imagine the long term affect of this “chew stick”. 😦

  24. Liz says:

    Why is this product not “assembled” in the USA, if the ingredients are made in the USA?Consumers cannot trust China products. 30% is real wood, what are the other ingredients? I am concerned about other ingredients that are added to form the bone, like scents and fillers.

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