Bailey the Scottish Dog

This is my dog, Bailey, she is a Scottish Dog (West Highland White Terrier) with an Irish name.

This month she will be celebrating her eleventh birthday!

Have you seen the movie Marley & Me? I feel like that is my life right now. I look back on the time we brought Bailey home. My husband and I were celebrating our 2nd wedding anniversary and Bailey was our gift to each other. We actually brought her home on our anniversary.

Two homes, two children (the human kind), and many years later…here we are. We’ve had our ups and downs, and guess who has been there the whole time. Greeting us when we come home, snuggling up on the couch, and still getting us up on our feet for a good walk around the block.

As she has aged her interest in playing has weaned. She will opt for a good nap vs. a squeaky toy. However, I try to keep her stimulated and engaged. It keeps her looking young. People still ask me if she is a puppy when we are out, they are shocked when I tell them she is almost eleven!

She is motivated by food, so a little turkey meat tucked inside a toy will always get her going and keeps her mind working as she is challenged to find it in a toy. She is still up for a game of tug. She likes floppy plush toys with squeakers, I’ll pull on one end and she will pull on the other. It is a good way for us to bond.

She also loves to watch TV. I know, it sounds silly. She particularly enjoys barking at animals, or people dressed up in animal costumes. You would be surprised how many of these there are…particularly on the sports channels! We tried to watch the movie Seabiscuit about three times, before we finally gave up.

She is so much fun and a very important part of our family. I know that her time with us is now coming to a close, but that makes me take pause and appreciate her even more right now. Having a pet in your life is a true blessing with many rewards. I am so thankful for these years with Bailey in my life!

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